PDF Unlocker Tool to Remove The Security from PDF File

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Ever since the words hacking, illegal file opening are introduced, users became more concerned about security of their data and thus password, encryption, local security, file permissions were the words that came out as solutions.

For security of critical and huge amount of database that gets saved in PDF, PDF Unlocker came up with two types of solutions:

  • Set Open Document Password: When user wants to open password protected PDF file and whenever the file has to be opened, a message prompts on screen asking to enter the password.
  • Set Change Permission Password: User can set permissions on PDF file so that the third person can open the document but cannot do a list of tasks on it like editing, copying etc.

In case 1: If the admin of the file has set password, it means in any situation, he does not allows the other user to access data saved in it. Therefore, there is no solution to unlock PDF files as it will be considered illegal.

In case 2: If the admin has set rights to copy, print, extract and edit the content of file, then others can view the content of document but cannot view perform the restricted tasks.

However, there are some brutal situations where a user would need to remove restrictions from PDF document. In such cases, PDF unlocking is legal and there are solutions that help to eliminate permissions from file.

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PDF Unlocker to Ease Up Restriction Remover Procedure!

In order to make a PDF file free from limitations to edit, copy, extract and print its content, it is necessary to remove owner (change permission) password from PDF. To help users unlock PDF restrictions, we render our helping hand by providing the most simplified and performance-promising solution. With the help of PDF Unlocker software, users can break the local security from Adobe PDF documents by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Install and open the tool and it will ask to import the PDF file from which the permissions are to be removed.
  • The software will give status of actions that users can perform with the PDF file before file unlocking process.
  • Select the destination location where the resultant file is to be saved and click “Unlock PDF”
  • PDF Unlocker after unlocking will show status of actions that can be performed after unlocking.